There's an issue with ATVs driving on city streets in Rockford.

It's against the law to ride an ATV or similar type vehicles on the roads in the Forest City.

I've had the problem in my neighborhood for a couple of years now. My big fear is somebody is going to be seriously injured or even killed.

Now, it has become more widespread.

According to,

"Rockford drivers are voicing their concern over a group of 4-wheelers causing distractions on area roads."

The problem is getting serious.

“They’re riding in a pack, they’re riding recklessly, very dangerously, causing unnecessary risk to innocent bystanders or people that are coming and going to work,” Williams said. “Then, they’re riding through people’s property, causing a lot of damage, doing wheelies down the middle of the street. They’re just not doing what they’re supposed to be doing.”

Area police have handed out several tickets thanks to citizens who posted video and photos. It helps to track them down when the riders aren't caught in the act.

Hopefully, they put a stop to this quickly.

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