White Sox and Cub women fans fought this weekend and here's the video.

Chicago baseball fans look forward to the "Crosstown Classic" every season. Sometimes, I think it's more important to the fans than the actual teams. Of course, the teams want to win because, for each team diehards, it means bragging rights.

I've attended a few of the games over the years. It's usually a good time. Unfortunately, there are times that the rivalry gets ugly. It could be on or off the field. This time, the issue was between fans in the stands.

During the game on Saturday night at Guaranteed Rate Field, it was more like "Fight Club" than a baseball game as the fans started brawling. With technology, it was caught on video for our amusement. Surprisingly, the battle was between ladies. Check out the mayhem for yourself.

Video: Brawl Among Fans At Guaranteed Rate Field Captured On Video (Courtesy of CBS Chicago on YouTube)

I'll never understand it. Why can't people just have a good time? It's just sports, nothing to fight about.

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