Check out this great video of a nun throwing out the first pitch at one of the Chicago Crosstown Classic baseball games this past weekend at Guaranteed Rate Field.

I've thrown out the first pitch for a professional baseball game a couple of times but on a much smaller scale. I did it for the Rockford Riverhawks.

It was really cool to do, but kind of nerve-racking too. I didn't want to screw up in public in front of a bunch of people. I couldn't imagine doing it for thousands at a Major League game.

I was at a Cubs game several years ago and Joe Walsh from the Eagles did it. While throwing he tripped and fell. The ball made it about halfway. It was really embarrassing for him.

Over the weekend for the "Crosstown Classic," the White Sox brought in a ringer.

According to,

"The White Sox might have found some pitching help Saturday night in the form of Marian Catholic's Sister Mary Jo Sobiek. After a slick arm-bounce move, she threw out the first pitch and delivered a strike to Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito."   

Check out the video for yourself, It's pretty impressive.

Video: Nun dazzles with first-pitch strike at White Sox game

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