Here's an update about the star basketball players from the 2018-2019 NIC-10 Champion Rockford East High basketball team.

I'm a huge fan of sports. I grew up playing them. Now, I enjoy watching and following my favorite teams. Unfortunately, I never got to play for any good teams. Most of them were bad. I follow Chicago teams, so most of the time, winning seasons don't come along very often. To me, it's all about fun, so I don't let it ruin my day.

I've lived in Rockford for a long time but I didn't grow up here. When it came to athletics, I just hoped all the local teams did well since I didn't really have a high school to show loyalty to. Then my daughter started going to East High School. The E-RABS became my adopted school to pull for.

My daughter joined cheerleading, so that meant going to football and basketball games. That was an added bonus. I got to support her and check out some sports at the same time. The football was pretty good. They made it to the playoffs and had some fun players to watch.

I really looked forward to the 2018-2019 basketball season. The team had the potential to do very well. The team was exciting to watch. It was great watching them from the beginning. Seeing the players improving each week. As the season went on, the team kept getting better and crowds got bigger.

It was one of the most amazing sports seasons I had the pleasure of witnessing. They went undefeated in the NIC-10 conference. They ended up going downstate and finishing in fourth place. We even made the trip to support the team.

A team with that much talent, I had hoped that the players would continue their hoop careers in college. The big three from that E-RAB squad have continued their basketball dreams. Here's an update on where they are now.

According to,

"All three are Division I college prospects but will play in junior college this season."

Team Captain Chris Burnell - In his sophomore year at Kirkwood Community College, Division II junior college program in Cedar Rapids.

Sha’Den Clanton - Last year, played at Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix. This season he'll join Burnell at Kirkwood Community College.

Sincere Parker - Last season played at Arizona Compass Prep School. For this year, he'll play at Moberly Area Community College, Division I junior college basketball powerhouse in Moberly, Missouri.

Good luck to all three former E-RABS. In the words of another former Rockford high school basketball star, Fred VanVleet, "Bet On Yourself." Hopefully, they will get the chance to move on in their journeys.

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