Some Illinois laws that are unusual.

I think "Law" is an interesting subject. Everywhere has it's own set of laws. They differ from city to town to state and etc. Then taking it to court is really fascinating. You really never know what will happen.

Of course, besides all the important laws that keep the world civilized, there are some goofy ones. There's no reason for them but no one has bothered to remove them.

Well, I've been featuring a few of them over the last couple of weeks. If you missed previous segments, HERE & HERE.

Once again, be prepared to be confused.

According to,

  • "In Galesburg, no bicyclist may practice "fancy riding" on any city street." If you have bike riding skills like myself, this is a great rule. Where else are you supposed to do it?

  • "There's a $1,000 fine for beating rats with baseball bats in Galesburg." I can agree with any law that stops animal cruelty. Though, I've never of anyone ever doing this.

  • "In Galesburg, it is illegal to burn bird feathers." That's so crazy, I hope nobody ever does it.

  • "In Morton Grove, you could not own a handgun (until a 2008 repeal)." Very surprising in this day and age.

  • "In Kenilworth, a rooster must step back 300 feet from any residence if he wishes to crow." I don't believe that would be far enough. I would not be happy if my neighbor owned a rooster that woke me up every morning.

  • "In Kirkland, bees are not allowed to fly over the village or through any of the streets." Nice try but it would be impossible to enforce.

That was definitely a strange set of laws you'll find in Illinois.


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