For Illinois, here are six more crazy laws.

I don't know exactly why but I'm fascinated with crazy laws that don't make any sense. I find they hilarious. It's pretty much a waste of time to go back and change them so they just stay on the books. It would be different if some towns actually enforced them. Nobody does, so it's a fun way to get a good laugh.

Last week, I found some entertaining ones. They went over very well, so I decided to keep it going. I found more, so here's part two of the "Crazy Illinois Laws" series.

If you missed last week, check it out HERE.

According to,

  • "In Galesburg, no person may keep a smelly dog."

    I'm totally going to agree with this one. I think this should be nationwide and enforced. A stinky dog is very nauseating.

  • "It's illegal to make soap in Normal unless you have a soap-making license." Sometimes you just need a professional and this is one of those situations. I'm going to be using that soap on my body, so there's no room for mistakes.

  • "It's fine for boys in Mount Pulaski to throw snowballs, but against the law for girls to do it." 

    It's 2020, girls have as much right as boys to do anything. This one has to go.

  • "In Lincoln, you can be ticketed if you park more than 12 inches from the curb."

    I agree with this one too. Parallel parking is a lost art.

  • "Mispronouncing is a misdemeanor in Joliet."

    This refers to the name of their town. I understand city pride but this is ridiculous.

  • "It's against the law in Bloomington to feed the birds if you live within a mile of the downtown square."

    I think this one is just unfair to senior citizens. What else are they supposed to do with their spare time? Plus, they don't have that extra money to pay fines.

I'll try to come up with more for next week.


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