Just when you thought we had enough of the Stateline Hide and Seek game with the bear, we now have a new animal to keep an eye out for.

I have to say my backyard is like a zoo. I have a family of skunks that live under my back porch. Stinky little devils, but yet somewhat adorable. I have an owl that lives in the back tree in my yard and every night at just about 10 p.m. you can hear him 'whoo-ing.' A red-tail hawk likes to mess with (and maybe eat) the family of squirrels that live in the tree closest to the sun-room. I'm like Dr. Dolittle or something I swear!

The worst little varmint though is the raccoon that terrorizes my yard. The other day when I went to take the garbage out, I saw the beast sitting on top of my recycling can with a rotisserie chicken having himself a very nice morning snack. I was so mad. Garbage everywhere.

It wasn't until I came to the Eagle that I had my first run in with a wild turkey. These things are hilarious. They constantly roam around the studio building, the neighborhood and streets. They must be quite accustom to the cars going by. I'm pretty sure I saw a turkey look both ways before crossing the street.

I quite enjoyed watching the news and following the bear story. Watching it move from west to east with people's testimonials of it eating from their bird-feeder. Bears may seem scary to those who have never seen them, but they really are easy to live with. You don't mess with the bear, the bear doesn't mess with you.

Just when you thought it was over, a new creature is roaming through the Stateline. A cougar! Well, maybe. Our friends at WTVO have photos of this large mystery cat roaming around the Janesville Area. Looks like I have something new to look out for!