Bear Rescued From Dark Days [VIDEO]
As we get accustomed to living with bears in the stateline area, I came across a feel good story about a bear in Rice Lake, WI. That's 299 miles north/northwest of Rockford, so I assume our bear hasn't wandered that far north. Rumor is that Wisconsin has plenty of their own bears...
Face for Radio- Brizz on Eyewitness News WTVO [VIDEO]
Sure you can look at your calendar to see what day it is, but if you turn your TV on as you rise and shine and see my face you know it's Thursday. That or you're having a nightmare that you can't escape.
I spoke with Matt Rodewald and Candice King about Bear Mania 2014, footballs full …
Scary Moment on Trail [VIDEO]
The stateline has been paralyzed by the wild bear roaming the area looking for a lady. Good to know that male bears deal with the same frustration as male humans. Seriously, I know we can 'bearly' take anymore sightings.

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