The feature showdown of the day is bear verses clown.

Do you remember last year, when there was a black bear roaming around Rockford? How about the creepy clown scare during Halloween?

People were freaking out. Social Media was blowing up. They were horrified. The police were called. It was almost like something out of a horror movie. There were sightings all over the stateline area.

What if their world's collided? I'm talking bear vs clown. Who wins?

According to, "Terrifying clown doll scares off trash-stealing black bear."

That's right. A bear was frighten off by a clown. Check out the video.

Video: Bear Problem Solved

Are you surprised with the outcome? I definitely was. I think the bear was just taken by surprise. Next time, that clown is going down.

If the bear ever decides to come back to town, it's good to know that a clown will startle him. Next thing you know, houses all over Rockford will have creepy clown statues on their front porches. Too bad that doesn't work against criminals. It would be a lot cheaper than an alarm system. Crime might go way down.


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