This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I hate clowns. Actually, hate may not be a strong enough word.

I was tortured.

Have you ever seen the Stephen King movie, It? There is one point where there is a little blonde girl on a red tricycle. She is playing outside. Her mom shouts out the door, "Lori Anne, Lori Anne, come on out from the rain!" This is just what my mother used to do when I was a young blonde girl on a red tricycle. Oh, have I mentioned my full name is Lori Anne!

Then, the unthinkable happens... that creepy It clown guy comes and eats her or whatever he does and leaves balloons on her tricycle.

I have been forever impacted by this and I will never be able to look at a clown and think "oh, let's go get my face painted!" Nope, not gunna happen.

I'm pretty thankful I don't live in Green Bay.

The poor people of Green Bay are being terrorized by a clown. A super creepy clown with balloons. See for yourself:


Yeah, I'm not having it.

He's been named Gags the Clown and on this Facebook Page you can track his every move.

My question is WHY!? Why is this happening!

I'm never going to Green Bay.

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