With temps getting colder and driving conditions getting more and more dangerous with the high winds, always play some defense while driving.

I spent Saturday and Sunday on the highway and it's always a gamble what you are going to see on the Illinois roadways. I was on 39 South for quite a while and then 55...Luckily it was pretty calm for the most part, with the occasional high speed moron racing against time.

When a semi is exiting the ramp and joining you on your stretch of highway it always makes me grip a little tighter, and I make sure I've given that driver PLENTY of space. With a vehicle that big you just never, ever know. That is when a video like this really hits home. Getting a little too close to a semi, or finding yourself on that stretch where they literally cannot soo you because of the size of their trailer....super scary.

This video was taken on Interstate 294 just outside of Chicago. The driver of the black car was changing lanes, and the semi did not see him. Fortunately no one was hurt, you can actually see the driver of the black car waving at passing car while BEING STUCK UNDER THE TRUCK and being dragged! Check this out:

My worst highway nightmare come true, yikes! Eventually this came to an end and the driver was in fact unharmed. Unreal!

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