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The Food Network employees who were a part of compiling this are some of the most vocationally-gifted individuals on the planet.

Best Diners in the County. 50 States, 50 diners

When it comes to diner's in Illinois, there's is one that the Food Network says is a bit better than the rest.

Diner food is one life's greatest little treasures!

For those who live in, or travel through, central Illinois, you know there's one special diner that has been serving delicious food for over 80 years.

Food Network says Illinois' best diner is The Igloo

The Igloo opened in Peru, Illinois in 1937.

The Igloo, as it's known locally, is often the first stop for folks coming back into town, and is so consistently popular that you might even see four generations of one family dining together (and the older members likely ate here as kids, too)."

Here's what you really came for.

The Igloo's Horseshoe Sandwich

The Igloo via Facebook
The Igloo via Facebook

Texas toast, pork Tenderloin, a generous order hand-cut Fries, then topped off with cheddar cheese sauce.


The Igloo's Pizza Burger

The Igloo via Facebook
The Igloo via Facebook

Two fresh ground chuck patties with a slice of Mozzarella in between them. Then a layer of Pepperoni slices and topped off with warm Marinara on a warm toasted buttered pretzel roll.


Necessity is the mother of invention was never more true thatn with this hybrid sandwich creation from the owners of The Igloo Diner:

If you can't decide between a cheeseburger or a pork tenderloin sandwich, it's not an issue at The Igloo

The Igloo's Cheeseburger On Top of a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

The Igloo via Facebook
The Igloo via Facebook

Many 'must-haves' on The Igloo' menu. The next trip through Peru, Illinois, an empty stomach need to fill up here.

What are the Food Network recommended 'must haves' from The Igloo's menu:

"The Carnivore, a triple-patty beast stacked with three cheeses, bacon, lettuce and tomato on a bun slicked with chipotle mayo, or The Oh-La-Laa, a burger inspired by French onion soup. Wash it all down with a glass of homemade root beer."

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