What a year 2022 has been! Apparently was are "back to normal" and living "our best lives," or something. 2022 brought some very interesting Google searches for the people of Rockford, so let's take a deeper look at one of these Googled items...bait shops. Google

After taking a look at the Top 10 Googled items for people from Rockford, #5 caught my eye...bait shops. There are plenty of you that like to fish, so the need for a bait shop...I totally get it.

The Fish Whisperer via Facebook
The Fish Whisperer via Facebook

Me personally, not my bag...but I get it. The serenity, the peace, the challenge, and an activity that you can do drinking beer. That's a win.

Fishing on the lake at sunset. Fishing background.

So let's research this whole "Bait Shops Near Me," thing...Maybe this will help you?

  • Rockford Bait - 2822 11th Street
  • Angler's Edge Fish Play Sport - 217 E. Riverside
  • Leaders and Lures - 5697 Haddon Pl
  • Curve Fishing and Marine - 4640 N. 2nd
  • Rock Valley Anglers - 7550 E. State

There you go! If you have an others that stand out, a favorite of yours...Let me know!

Fly Fishing

As we continue to review 2022, who can forget this "classic" fishing video?

Walleye Cheaters Busted @ Fishing Tournament in Cleveland,Ohio E.72nd Boat Docks.Guys get busted with weights in his fish. 8 lbs of weights & Fish Fillet stuffed inside - David M Creations


That was nuts, loading fish with weights to win a tournament? Next thing you know NFL Wide Receivers will be putting a new substance on their gloves so they can make unreal catches EVERY WEEK...Oh wait...

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