A neighborhood in Illinois was named the coolest in the United States and the second coolest in the world.

Living In A Cool Neighborhood

I like my neighborhood. I think it is a cool place to live but I know it is not making any cool lists. It is not even the coolest neighborhood in Rockford, let alone Illinois, the United States, or in the world.


If you want to live in an honest-to-goodness cool neighborhood, I am sad to say you are going to have to move to a big city. For Illinois, that would be Chicago. Within the Windy City, there are literally hundreds of neighborhoods. Each of them is unique to its residents. Many of them could easily make a top cool list.


My guess would be neighborhoods like Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, or Wicker Park. They are all cool places to hang out with impressive histories. They are some of the most popular places to hang out and live in Chicago. Well, they did not make the list.


Which Illinois Neighborhood Is The Coolest In The United States And 2nd Coolest In The World

Well, the logical place to start is in Chicago. That would be going in the right direction. Once you go from there, I am guessing you are not going to be able to figure it out. The answer is not obvious.



And The Winner Is

The winner is the Andersonville Neighborhood in Chicago.

According to timeout.com,

"Andersonville, the historically Swedish enclave on the far North Side, was voted the coolest neighborhood in America."


According to timeout.com,

"And the second-coolest in the world!"

Why is Andersonville so cool?

"Factors like community spirit, resilience and sustainability, all qualities that make for a forward-thinking—and yes, cool—place to live, visit and hang out."


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For more info about Andersonville, HERE.

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