Get. A. Hobby.

This Wisconsin man was arrested for throwing sex toys at girls.

Konrad Peters made mom and dad super proud with this brush with the law. What a conviction to have on your record, great for future job opportunities! This all started with Konrad leaving sex toys in the path of a couple teenage girls. He knew where they walked, and sat in his car to watch for their reaction as they walked past the adult toys. You're sick, bro. SG

Going to Jail

That was the first go round for this loser, here comes the one that earned him a pretty mugshot.


Konrad drove past a school bus, where kids were ready to get on. I threw sex toys out the car window at a girl. Konrad again, sat and waited for the reaction. Instead of engaging in his sick games, these kids were pretty quick and smart...Writing down as much of his license plate as they could! Enough of Konrad's plates, that the cops were able to match the car and the plates to the owner...Busted! Even one of the teenage girl's dads got involved, and went out looking for the car. It's too bad that one of these dad's didn't get ahold of Konrad before the cops did, that woulda been fun.


Konrad was arrested for his sick game, and that put an end to his sick game.

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