It's too bad they couldn't sell the Neverland Ranch in Rockford.

According to, Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is back on the market. This time for $33 million less. In 2015 it was priced at $100 million. It is now being listed for $67 million. That is a huge lose.

Too bad they couldn't move it to Rockford and sell it here. Could you image it located somewhere along the Rock River?

I know you're thinking, that's crazy. Move it to Rockford?

According to a story from WREX, the housing market in Rockford is on an upswing. In fact, right now it's a seller's market.

Quality homes are selling fast and in demand. Especially, for the young professionals market. Rockford could use more houses to sell.

Rockford might not be ready for the Neverland Ranch. After several years of struggles, it's great to see the Rockford housing market doing better.

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