The Rock County Jail has problems with the toilets clogging because of drugs.

When someone gets arrested, the police searches them.

Unfortunately, the initial patdown might not find everything. A person might hide drugs in their underwear which couldn't be found without a strip search.

Once in custody, the suspect wants to dump the contraband immediately. They ask to use the bathroom and it gets flushed down the toilet.

This causes major problems to the plumbing.

According to,

"Suspects flush their illicit substances down the toilet at the booking area of the jail. A deputy was dispatched to handle the result, bags that probably once contained drugs had clogged a pipe coming from the booking area at the jail. Plumbers tracking down the clog had found the bags." 

"Drug bags have been found in the booking-area sewer pipe before. The pipes coming from that toilet have hooks in them, specifically designed to catch the bags so they don’t travel farther down, where it would be much more difficult to unclog the pipe."

Of course, the drugs are long gone by that time. The bags aren't kept for evidence. They are disposed of properly.

I would hate to have that job at the jail.


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