In the Rockford area, it's time to be aware of deer while driving.

Fall is my favorite season. There are so many good things about it. The temperatures drop so it becomes hoodie weather. You can get tasty apple and pumpkin treats. Celebrating Halloween. Football is back. Plus, the fall colors are so beautiful.

Of course, not everything about fall is great.

According to,

"For the safety of drivers and wildlife, The Illinois Department of Natural Resources wants to warn you to beware of deer. Due to breeding season beginning in October, deer will be on the move which means it is important to be more watchful for deer that may be crossing the roads."

There are many places in our area that deer hang out, so be very careful. The animals are pretty but they can do some serious damage to your vehicle. Nothing will drive up your car insurance cost like hitting a deer.

For roadkill, please report it HERE.

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