This Halloween, if you're looking to be scared out of your mind, this extremely twisted prison will not disappoint.

Statesville Haunted Prison is now open for those with the courage to make it all the way through. After reading the description of the intensity you will experience, I will be your friend waiting by the car for your return.

The Prisoners have rioted, the guards have fled, a darkness has seized control of this Maximum Security Prison and our Warden has opened the gates for visitors. After the prisoners have processed “The Meat/Visitors”, you will be forced to find your way through 23 maximum security cells and come eye to eye with over 100 criminals that were too evil to die.

Statesville Haunted Prison has been rated a Top Haunted House by multiple magazines, and has also been featured on the Travel Channel. It's located about 2 hours from the Rockford area in Lockport, IL., a suburb of Chicago. You actually get to see two haunted houses for the price of one. Along with Statesville Haunted Prison, you get to experience City of the Dead which houses mass graves of past inmates which have come back as zombies that are on the hunt for their next meal. Walking Dead anyone?

You can get all the info you need about this terrifying experience HERE.

This video alone will make you uncomfortable right where you sit. A very twisted individual came up with the idea to use the music in this next video.

So grab your friends and make the trip to one of the most talked about haunted houses in Illinois. You won't regret it....or maybe you will.