A giant novelty cowboy hat, oversized sunglasses, giant clown shoes...all of these items are funny, you can't help but laugh at least a little. So what about the world's largest pizza slicer? The Greathouse of Pizza

In Casey, Illinois which is about four hours from Rockford you will find a place called "The Greathouse of Pizza." They own the world's largest pizza slicer. This Mega-Slicer is over eight feet long and could do some major pizza slicing, even if the pizza was over a foot think. There's some pizza joint in Chicago that would for sure try to make one that thick...Imagine a "deep dish a foot thick...Da Bears!"

So here it is in all it's slicing glory:

It's a lawn ornament. The only thing that's slicing through is some sod, or something.

So if you are looking for a "road trip" with a "slice" of awesome, go to Casey, Illinois but don't get a Casey's pizza in Casey, Illinois...go to Casey, Illinois and go to The Great House of Pizza. Got it, good.

There's a "World's largest Catsup Bottle," "World's Largest Ball of Twine," so why not a "World's Largest Pizza Slicer" in Illinois? Makes perfect sense actually. It would be scarier if it was one of those machete pizza slicer things though...The giant blade with a handle, now that would be a little creepy.

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