Illinois Gov JB Pritzker is in Rockford today to announce the new Rockford Metra intercity rail project. Choo Choo!!! MyStateline  Metra will launch the rail service between Rockford and Chicago in the year 2027.

“For the first time since 1981, we’re bringing intercity passenger rail back to Rockford, the Milwaukee West Line and Union Pacific Rail will extend service beyond Elgin, with stops in Huntley and Belvidere,”  - JB Pritzker 

This is something that has been talked about for years, and it appears that we are all on the same track now. Sorry, had to. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker was down at Davis Park this morning to announce the train, the intercity rail project that will be build. There will be a train you can take in and out of Rockford to out of city destinations.  According to IDOT, the line will connect Rockford to Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and even Carbondale.

“There is a transformation happening everywhere in Rockford right now, and it’s happening before our eyes, passenger rail service will benefit all Rockford residents, and will allow residents to get to Chicago without highway traffic congestion.” - Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara

Where will Illinois/Rockford get the money to do something like this? Well let's start with the research money that Rockford was awarded back in March. The city of Rockford received $375,031 to do some studying and research on this whole train thing becoming a reality in Rockford.

To actually build and construct a Metra rail system, there is more money coming our way:

The funding is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program, which is awarding $185 million to 45 projects across the country. - MyStateline


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