In February of 2020, the Rockford Police Department (RPD) released an image of a suspect they believe to be responsible for a string of sexual assaults in the area.

In a news report, the sexual assaults also involved strong-arm robberies and happed on the west side of the river in Rockford. RPD released a map outline of these assaults within proximity along Whitman Street, Park Avenue, and Ridge Avenue.

In all five [assaults], the suspect entered the victim's residence and sexually assaulted them. There's no indication at this time that the victims knew the suspect.

Rockford Police described the suspect as a black man, 5'4" and 145 pounds, though it should be noted Rockford city officials said he is a  "potential serial rapist."

Rockford Police Department also released a sketch of the potential serial rapist.

Rockford Police Department
Rockford Police Department

It seems as though there have not been many updates on this crime situation leaving worried residents in wonder. One Rockford resident tested his photo editing skills by putting a "pandemic-era" addition to the photo.

Rockford Scanner shared an edited version of the above photo circulating social media in an attempt to make it a little easier to identify this subject should he be wearing a mask.

Julian Song made a good point, and edited the sketch and put a mask on the sketch. Because we all have to wear masks these days, maybe this edited sketch will help someone identify him.

Here is what the suspect in the sketch might look like if he were wearing a face mask.

Julian Song/Rockford Scanner via Facebook
Julian Song/Rockford Scanner via Facebook

Anyone with information should call the Rockford Police Department at (815) 966-2900 or leave an anonymous tip with Rockford Area Crime Stoppers, (815) 963-7867.

[h/t WREX, Rockford Scanner]

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