Michael Matz is missing and has concerned family looking for him. Here is the information we can share with you:


My son Michael Matz has been missing since 1030 last night. He was last seen at Roscoe's Firehouse pub and then at home. His GPS shows that he was at Rock Cut at 11:30 but then turn his phone off. Police has been called and there has been a report made and other agencies notified to keep a lookout for him and the car. Bank activity shows that he was on I-90 at Downers Grove tollway.


Here is Michael's car and license plate:


If you have seen or heard from him please contact:

  • Winnebago County Sheriffs Department (815) 319-6000
  • Rockford Police Department (815) 966-2900

Here is another picture of Michael Matz:



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