Tuesday, November 5th marks the two year anniversary of the passing of Rockford Police Officer, Jaimie Cox. The Jaimie Cox Foundation wants you to light up BLUE, in honor of Officer Cox.

I can remember the weeks following Jaimie's passing, and the amount of blue lights all around. Driving home from the radio station, I stopped counting blue lights one night at 55, and then I hit Spring Creek...amazing.

So here is the info from the Jaimie Cox Foundation FB:


As we approach the 2 year anniversary of Officer Jaimie Cox's passing, lets honor him and all law enforcement by turning the region blue. Beginning Friday, November 1st thru Friday, November 8th install a blue light on the exterior of your home or business to show your support.

We will never forget you Jaimie.

*Home Depot, Lowes, Nicholson Hardware, and Walmart have all been dependable sources for blue light bulbs in the past.



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