While your life is consumed with important questions and issues, think about this...Does farting burn calories?


Whoever smelt it, dealt it...but did you burn calories?

According to Men's Health farting does NOT burn calories. Apparently there was a stinky rumor going around, that farting "burns 67 calories". Kinda a weird, scientific number....67?

Well it's not true. Here is the smelly truth from Michael Rice, MD, Gastroenterologist at the University of Michigan's Michigan Medicine Gastroenterology Clinic:

Farting is the natural act of passing intestinal gasses through the anus. Farts are largely made up of swallowed air, chemical reactions during digestion, and additional contributions by bacteria in our gut.

"Butt" does it burn calories?

Unfortunately, not. Humans on average pass gas approximately 14 times per day, with no measurable burned calories.

So there you have it. The next time your significant other tells you that what just happened was a good thing, because they burned calories doing it...Not true, stinky.

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