We've all heard the expression "Better Out Than In", I say it all the time, and this can be said about both types of body gases. We're talking burps and farts here people.

Jeff Morin

Funny thing is I was just having a conversation similar to this with a friend yesterday.

He's still in that blissful honeymoon stage and has just started burping in front of his lady, for fear of her running away in terror. Keep in mind, this is the same dude who has no problem let'em rip in a room where he knows his friends will be in and clearing it.

Maybe it's because I've been with my guy for what feels like forever, so I can't remember a time when we haven't farted in front of each other.

Then in an even stranger case of events, I stumbled on this article on Vice:

So that got me thinking, When IS the appropriate time in a relationship to start farting in front of your partner?

For some couples I know, it takes them a while to get to that level of comfortability, but for ones like my guy and me it took maybe like a month into our relationship for it to happen.

Most likely it all depends on the couple.



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