Who knew it was so easy to buy the freshest loaf of bread.

Greg Miller, Think Stock
Greg Miller, Think Stock

My mom takes all the credit on this one. I noticed this one time when I went grocery shopping with her.

Instead of just throwing a loaf of bread in the shopping cart, she checked each bag individually. I couldn't tell what she was looking for until I asked.

She told me that the color of the twist-tie on the bag determined what day the bread was baked. WHAT!? My mind was blown.

I was talking about this phenomenon with Digital Rob here at work and he confirmed what my mom said was true. After all, before Digital Rob became so digital, he used to work at a grocery store.

He pointed out that the colors are ordered in alphabetical order. Whoa.

  • Blue = Monday
  • Green = Tuesday
  • Red = Thursday
  • White = Friday
  • Yellow = Saturday

That is awesome! Now remember there are always exceptions to the norm, where some bread companies have their own system. I have seen bread labeled with the sell-by-date instead of different colors.

Remember this next time you go to get a loaf of bread!



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