Now another reason why you should switch from soda to water.

Sometimes there is nothing better than an ice cold soda. I'm guilty of indulging in a diet soda from time to time, especially when I eat pizza.

JupiterImages, ThinkStock
JupiterImages, ThinkStock

We have been told time and time again in different health studies that soda is bad for us and now we have another reason to cross it off our beverage lists.

The latest warning about soda doesn't have anything to do with it being regular or diet, but the color of the soda.

Research from Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future says that drinking at least one can of cola daily may increase the cancer risk for between 44 and 58 percent of people over the age of six.

This is because of the caramel coloring added to soda to give it it's brown color, like in Cola and Root Beer. This manufacturing of this caramel coloring can produce a carcinogen called 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI) which can increase cancer risk.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration doesn't restrict the amount of 4-MEI in food or drink.

What I think is truly interesting in this case is the fact that beverage companies are only adding this caramel coloring/4-MEI for aesthetic purposes. Common sense would say if it's harmful, take it out. But who am I?

Would this be something that will swear you off of soda for good?

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