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70 year old Marshall Helm is an Airforce Veteran and is also battling cancer. After walking his granddaughter to the bus stop, Mr. Helm switched into hero mode.

From WIFR Marshall Helm from Salem, Illinois was waved down my the bus driver that there was a fire at the nearby home. The Air Force Veteran who is battling cancer, made his way into the burning home. Mr. Helm started yelling fire as the couple, Gary and Kathy Benjamin were still in bed. They were not able to exit the home how Marshall made his way into the burning home, and exited through a backdoor.

The Benjamins lost pretty much everything in the house fire, but they are alive thanks to a neighbor that leaped into action. While Mr. Helm has been going through his one struggles, risking his life to save others was never a question.

"They could have died, and then… I don’t want to think about it." - Marshall Helm 

Well done sir.


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