Gather all your change because we're running out of coins.

Are you ready for the next shortage? Let's see, it's been toilet paper, cleaning supplies, canned goods, meat, chicken, bikes, pools, puzzles, and more. Our next panic purchase could be coins. Apparently, there isn't enough change.

From a story at,

"The coronavirus pandemic has caused a nationwide coin shortage, according to the Federal Reserve."

I guess there weren't enough people out and about leaving their pennies in the "need a penny take one, have a penny leave one" cup at the gas station.

I think I'm covered. If I go out to my car right now, I could find at least a couple of dollars worth in the cup holder and under the seat. My couch cushions have probably sucked up plenty too. Plus, I have that jar on my dresser that's filled.

Maybe, I can start selling coins on eBay?

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