Lots more teal pumpkins will be appearing on peoples doorsteps this year, but what do they mean?

Started by FARE in 2014, this is a way for children with food allergies to participate on Halloween too in a way that is safe for them. The teal pumpkin shows that you have non-food items at your home so kids with these allergies don't get left out, helping make Halloween fun for everyone! These items can be fun, inexpensive things like pencils, stickers, or even glow sticks.

This doesn't mean that you can't hand out candy too. Of course you can, just make sure you're safe about it. FARE suggests putting your candy and non-candy items in separate bowls.

Not sure which kids need the non-food treats? You can always ask the kids or put out the different bowls and have them choose.

And if you don't have time to paint a teal pumpkin, stores are now offering them for purchase with the rest of their Halloween decorations. If you don't have the time for any of that, FARE has print out posters available on their website. Here's a link for you if you need a print out or just have some more questions. Teal Pumpkin Project - foodallergy.org

Halloween is supposed to be fun for everyone and this is a great way to keep kids involved who normally wouldn't be able to!

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