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Top 50 Last Names In Boone County
If you live in Boone County there is a real good chance your last name is Anderson, Rodriguez or Johnson, but you will have to keep up with the Garcia's, the Browns and the Martinez's. The list is out of the most common last names of residents of Boone County.
Boone County to Pay for Drunk Driving Tips
The Boone County Sheriff's Department is stepping up it's fight against drunk driving with the implementation of the Drunkbusters program. According to a story by, the department teaming up with AAIM (Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists) to bring Drunkbusters to the state lin…
Belvidere Heritage Days [PICS]
I've spent much of my weekend in the City of Murals for Heritage Days. Belvidere is a town with a rich history and a tight community. Heritage Days have expanded from one to two days. There is live music, an art show, go-kart racing, car show, plenty of