Who say's you can't find neat stuff when cleaning out the basement?

While preforming a routine inventory project, the employees at the Boone County Museum of History found some unique surprises.

WIFR.com is reporting that after looking through thousands of items, some that were uncovered were those that once belonged to Belvidere-native Judy Ford. Ford was Miss America in 1969. The discovery of her personal belongings has inspired a new exhibit in her honor which will open in June.

The museum's Executive Director Anna Pivoras said:

"As we've been doing this inventory project, we've come across some things that have inspired ideas for new exhibits, things we had no ideas we had, things that have been stored away and on shelves and in boxes for years or decades"

Other items that were discovered were Victoria-Era clothes and Boone County business signs that date back to the late 1800s.



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