Many states share names for their cities and counties. It's no surprise there might be confusion between some of them on occasion. This is certainly the case with this production snafu.


A toy car collection blog posted an article in which the writer shares a story of his friend from Boone County Sheriff's Department (Missouri) mentioning how he'd love to have one of the department's vehicles replicated into a Matchbox car.

The writer was an ambassador for Mattel when this conversation occurred so he put a bug in their ear.

So I then spoke with the team at Mattel at the time and they were very keen. So I got them in touch with each other, and the rest is history.



Did you know there are eight different states in the U.S. that contain their own individual Boone County?

  • Boone County, Arkansas
  • Boone County, Illinois
  • Boone County, Indiana
  • Boone County, Iowa
  • Boone County, Kentucky
  • Boone County, Missouri
  • Boone County, Nebraska
  • Boone County, West Virginia

This is one of the reasons a Sheriff's Office in Northern Illinois has landed their own Matchbox toys, kind of.


This is a patrol vehicle belonging to Boone County Sheriff's Department in Belvidere, Illinois.

Boone County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

These are patrol vehicles for Boone County Sheriff's Department in Columbia, Missouri.

Boone County Sheriff's Office - MO via Facebook

The designs of both departments' logos are slightly similar but visibly different.

Boone County Sheriff's Office, Boone County Sheriff's Office - MO via Facebook

Here is an image of the Matchbox toy.

Dajakaty via eBay

With a high trained eye (or really good zoom) you will notice the only thing this design has in common with that of Boone County (Missouri) is the badge.


Someone commented on this article suggesting the fire engine in this set isn't from Illinois or Missouri.

Dajakaty via eBay

If you're interested in buying the above item you can find it here and others here.

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