Sushi may not be my cup of sake, but I do know this new restaurant  will be an excellent addition to downtown Rockford.

In fact, JB Love is currently doing the happy dance after finding out there will be a legit ramen restaurant for he and his wife to go to in Rockford. (He also may have had to explain to me that the ramen at this restaurant will not be the same thing as the stuff I ate WAY too much of in college).

According to WREX, Matt Idzikowski, the owner of Vintage 501 and Blue Line, will be opening a new sushi, sake and ramen restaurant in the space where Sienna's Kitchen used to be.

The new restaurant does not have an official name or opening date yet, but we've got our fingers crossed that it will be open by the time Rockford City Market kicks off for the 2018 season in May.

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