A recent survey found that in 2020 many people replaced getting drunk with getting high.

Unless you are Sleeping Beauty and just woke up from a long slumber with your kiss from Prince Charming, I do not have to tell you how crazy a year 2020 was. People were looking for new hobbies to keep themselves busy while being stuck at home. Some of those activities included cooking, eating, exercising, binge-watching shows, reading, doing puzzles, playing games, surfing the internet, bike rides, taking walks, crafts, cleaning, home improvement projects, and family bonding to just name a few.

A couple of habits on the top of the list are getting drunk and smoking pot. Of course, recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois so that was a big deal. People were waiting in long lines for hours at dispensaries to purchase cannabis. When I made trips to the grocery store, I witnessed customers filling their carts up with liquor. They were drinking at home instead of going to bars or parties.

My question is which one is more popular, getting high or boozing it up? My guess would be alcohol because legal weed was such a new thing. Luckily, there was a survey done to find out the answer.

According to Forbes.com,

"Almost half of cannabis consumers age 21 and up have replaced or reduced their alcohol consumption with marijuana since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the results of a Harris Poll released this month.  The poll also found that one-third of those who use cannabis recreationally prefer cannabis to drinking alcohol. To conduct the poll, nearly 2,000 adults age 21 and up were surveyed about their consumption habits since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak earlier this year."  

Here are some of the details...

  • 42% started or increased use of pot
  • 45% replaced or reduced booze with weed
  • Increase of new customers at dispensaries
  • Wide variety in the types of consumers
  • Education level, marital status, and where they live did not make any difference
  • 54% use marijuana to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • 50% increased cannabis use helped them relax
  • 48% use it as a sleep aid
  • 33% of weed smokers prefer it over alcohol

If you look at the 2020 sales numbers for marijuana in Illinois, I am not surprised by these statistics.

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