Sriracha hot sauce mixed with marijuana can now be purchased and it hits fast.

The world of food and cannabis goes hand-in-hand. The use of pot causes the munchies. Plus, there's the whole world of edibles. That's food items infused with weed. Marijuana chefs have now gotten creative. Think of anything you can eat, there's a possibility of it being made with cannabis. The latest is sriracha hot sauce.

According to,

"Sriracha sauce has earned its place in the pantheon of daily hot sauce go-to's. But what if I told you that Sriracha can reach another level of allure through a little bit of cannabis? Yes, you read that right, the possibility of a medicated, THC-infused Sriracha sauce is, in fact, a delicious reality thanks to the brilliant folks at Potli. They offer CBD-infused food and cooking essentials, which range from honey to chili oil."

Plus, you'll catch a buzz much faster.

"The nano-emulsified THC used in it allows for faster, more efficient absorption. Translation: your tastebuds and mind-state are taking the elevator up a few floors in about 15 minutes or so."

It sounds like a spicey adventure.

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