Is there an item in Rockford you like so much, you would trade your car for it?

The owner of Necco Wafers can't find a buyer for his company. If they can't find one soon, the company will shut down.

Fans of the candy are panicking and stocking up.

According to,

"A Florida woman who has been eating the wafers since she was a child, attempted to strike an unusual deal. She offered to trade her 2003 Honda Accord for them." 

She was turned down.

So that got me thinking.

What "thing" in Rockford would I trade my car if the business was going to close?

There are so many good ones, but here's what I came up with.

  • Stockholm Inn Swedish Pancakes
  • Rockford IceHogs Mascot Hammy
  • Giuseppi's Pizza
  • Rick Nielsen Hat Collection
  • Rockford Art Deli T-shirts
  • Burpee Museum Dinosaur Fossil
  • Dairyhaus Ice Cream
  • Volcano Falls Batting Cage
  • JMK Nippon Hibachi Grill Table
  • Beef A Roo Cheese Fries

What would you trade your car for?


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