I realized that cars get stolen every day but this situation in Wisconsin was very unique.

How Vehicles Are Stolen In Wisconsin

Unfortunately, cars are stolen in Wisconsin all the time. In fact, lately, it seems like thieves are doing it a lot more often. They usually use the same simple method. Break into the vehicle, hotwire it, and then take off. Sometimes they're recovered by police. Others instances, it's never seen again. No matter what, it's frustrating for the owner.

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Wisconsin Cars Stolen In The Winter

Winter in the Midwest can be harsh, especially in Wisconsin. It's pretty brutal if you have to park your car outside. It just sucks when you have to hop in an ice-cold vehicle. It's never fun to have to clean off your car of snow and ice too. Some people have remote starts which makes it much easier. If you don't have one, it's unadvised to start up your wheels to warm it up, then go back inside, and leave it unattended. That's a good way to get your car stolen and it happens all the time.

Car thief
Stolen Car In Wisconsin

You Won't Believe How This Wisconsin Man's Car Was Stolen

This time of year, we never know what kind of weather we're going to get. It could snow then the next day be sunny and eighty degrees. Milwaukee recently had one of those early spring days that was more like winter with snow and ice. A man was getting ready to head to work when his car was stolen. This story will shock you.

According to gazettextra.com, 

So like I was saying, a Milwaukee resident was getting ready for his job. Since it was cold and snowing, he had to clean off his car. He started the vehicle to warm it up while he scraped the windows. As he was doing it, a stranger jumped in the automobile and took off. By the way, he was standing right next to his wheels as it was stolen. That was one brave thief.

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The victim called the police. They were able to track his car through the satellite radio. The thief drove the vehicle all the way to Janesville. Officers were waiting for him when he arrived at his mom's house.

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