Soldier Field wont just be for concerts and football... at least not on September 8th.

I can not wait to tell my little brother John about this. Alright, John is almost 30, but he will always be my little brother.

One of his favorite shows growing up was "Space Ghost." We would watch it all the time. I bet he could still recite every single episode.

Great news for him and other lovers of Adult Swim!

Adult Swim is bringing a drive-in event to Soldier Field.

They are doing select tour stops across the country. Lucky for us, Soldier Field isn't far at all.

On the tour, they will be showing all sorts of shows from "Space Ghost" to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." There will be never before seen and un-aired episodes as well of TONS of their shows.

Keep in mind you must be 18 or older to see this free event. You also need to RSVP on their website HERE.

For more information on this awesome event, CLICK HERE.


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