Looking outside, I can see that the problematic weather that pushed back this year's Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition a week (the weather interfered with snow-making equipment) is quite obviously gone.

The conditions this morning, snowing like crazy and still in a winter storm warning, are perfect to get things going at Sinnissippi Park, and that's exactly what's happening.

For those who keep track of these things, the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition is celebrating its 35th annual appearance here in Rockford. As someone who's been to nearly every single competition since the event's inception (except for the very few times that Mother Nature wouldn't cooperate), I can tell you that it's another outstanding Rockford event.

The Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition checks all the boxes for what a great event should be. For one thing, it's free to attend, which is a giant plus in our current situation. Even though there's no admission charge, you are invited to donate to the event to help keep it going. To donate, Text RPDSnow to 50155.

One of the other cool things about the Illinois Snow Sculpting Competition is that teams from all over the state (along with outstanding local teams, including a high school division) are here with the goal of winning this competition and heading off to represent Illinois at the U.S. National Snow Sculpting Competition. This year's nationals are being held close to Rockford, at Winterfest in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin next week.

If you've never been, take some time over the next few days to head over to Sinnissippi Park and check out the incredible work being done. The Rockford Park District says that viewing hours are from sunrise to 10:30pm, and you can walk or drive through.


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