What to do when you sit next to the smelly person on an airplane.

I'm sitting in the waiting area of the Chicago Rockford International Airport. It's only minutes away before I board my flight.

I'm all set. I have the latest Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts downloaded to my iPod, a bag of Mrs. Fisher's Chips,and a copy of the "Illinois Entertainer."

I'm hoping the person that is going to be next to me is cool

Then I see a guy sporting an original "Rockford Cubbies" shirt walking down the aisle. He stops at my row. Then it hit me like a tons of bricks. He smelled like he just took a bath at the Rock River Reclamation Plant.

It turned into a very long trip.

I kept wishing that there was something I could do, but I figured I was just out of luck for the duration.

According to marketwatch.com, there was something I could do.

"Passengers are within their rights to ask a flight attendant to move them once the plane’s doors are closed."

"If a passenger smells bad, they can actually be removed from the plane."

"Bring cologne or perfume in case you sit next to a passenger who smells bad."

Keep these things in mind as you travel this summer.

Have you ever had any bad travel experiences with a smelly person?

Good luck.

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