In Illinois, a small airplane had to do an emergency landing on a golf course fairway.

A few years ago, I had a flying lesson at Poplar Grove Airport. It was an amazing experience. I have so much respect for pilots that fly those small planes. Some of the things that they do take so much skill. Here's a perfect example.

According to,

"A small plane running out of fuel made an emergency landing on a golf course . A pilot and their student were flying when they realized they were running out of fuel and wouldn't make it. So the plane made an emergency landing on the 13th hole landing on the fairway before stopping just short of the green."

"Golfers on the ground were not hurt in the landing but said they were obviously surprised to see a plane land right in front of them. Still, they didn't stop their rounds, and the club's general manager said players just skipped the 13th hole altogether."

Could you imagine playing golf on that course when that happened?

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