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The only "roar of the crowd" that you are hearing this year, is coming through your T.V. speakers. Heading into Chicago or up to Green Bay isn't a reality this year, but sometimes the comforts of home are even better...no long lines for the bathroom.

We want Eagle Listeners to show us your "At Home Team Spirit!" Use the 96.7 The Eagle App CLICK HERE and send us a pic of you in your teams gear. It doesn't matter is you are a Bears fan, Packer fan, Cowboys, Raiders, it doesn't matter! Throw on your favorite jersey, hat, face paint, pajama pants, whatever you got and send it to up on the 96.7 The Eagle App to win!

We will post the pics for all to see and one lucky winner will win:

  • Brand New "Power" Recliner
  • $50 Gift Card to Maciano's Pizza


Enjoy your game from the comforts of home, we want to make it even MORE comfortable. Send us your "At Home" Team Spirit and Win a "Power Recliner" From The 96.7 The Eagle!

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