I'm kind of obsessed with beef jerky! I usually tend to pick some up, mostly at the gas station, when I stop for a Dr. Pepper. A can't go wrong, snack go-to combo!

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I'm also a big fan of spicy food. One of the first things I noticed after quitting cigarettes years ago, was that I really like some spice and I'm ok with things being on the hot side.

So I was pleasantly surprised the other day at the local convenience store to see that Slim Jim has come out with a bold new flavor that has a pretty ballsy name.


 Of course, I had to grab one to see if it lives up to its name. Sadly it doesn't. I mean it's hot but it's not hot af.

There was some residual heat after finishing it, but it never had that OMG MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE feeling that I was expecting based on the name.

Maybe I just have a higher tolerance to heat, maybe not. Has anyone else tried it and if so what do you think?

Does it live up to the name or not so much?

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