I love this time of year and with Halloween, this Saturday, now's a good time to start binge-watching those scary movies, if you haven't already.

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I used to watch horror movies all the time, but since my husband isn't a huge fan and my kids aren't old enough for them yet, I don't get to watch them nearly as much as I used to. Turns out, they're not much fun to watch alone.

One of my favorite people to watch scary movies or just movies, in general, is my friend Travis. Since we met back in 10th-grade movie marathons have sort of been our thing. He is a huge fan of horror movies and has been making them as long as I've known him too. In fact, I'm sure there are some random VHS tapes somewhere with stuff we shot in one of our backyards as kids.

Since then he's still writing and creating horror projects and when he asks I still jump at the chance to be killed on screen. There's something fun and excited about filming a scary movie.

This is the last project we worked on, a fake trailer for a grindhouse type slasher film Please Mama Don't Murder.

Back in 2011, we both lent our voices to the animated short Raven's Hollow. This also gave me my first IMDB credit. I know, I'm surprised myself, but let's be honest, needs some updating.

Raven's Hollow is currently available on Amazon Prime and it's only about 10 minutes long, so it would be a quick enjoyable watch this Halloween!

My second IMDB credit is for a film I made when I was about 7 months pregnant with my youngest daughter, Summerland. The character was supposed to be pregnant too, so it worked out perfectly.

I had a great time making this movie with Travis Legge and Plastic Age Productions. He's the brainchild behind another locally made horror flick Raymond Did It.

Here's me on set with my "movie family":


But it turns out I'm not alone in the Eagle's Nest with IMBD creds. Turns out both Double T and Captain Jack have some of their own.

You can catch Double T in the 2008 thriller Talk Dirty to Me where he's credited as himself. Captain Jack can be seen in three episodes of the zombie comedy The Deadersons as Buddy.

I didn't see Talk Dirty to Me on there, but you can watch season one of The Deadersons on Amazon Prime.

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