On the shelves at liquor stores in Rockford have more non-alcoholic beer.

Beer has been a very popular beverage in Rockford for a long time. Many fans love the taste. Others drink it for the feel or maybe in social situations. Some professionals say there's a meal in every can. Regardless, it is available all over the Forest City for a reason. It sells well.

There are people who can't have it for health or personal reasons. For a long time, even if they liked the taste there was no alternative. Then came along something different. It was called O'Doul's. They actually made a non-alcoholic beer. Unfortunately, if you didn't like the flavor, you were out of luck because it was the only choice.

Even with O'Doul's, some beer fans wouldn't drink it because it just wasn't cool. It was a much different time. Nowadays, it's okay not to drink or enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage. There are also so many more types of beers available. Especially, with the microbrew craze. That has crossed over to the non-alcoholic world. Now, there are many more choices for fans of beer but don't want to drunk-like effects.

According to brobible.com,

"It was interesting to learn that there is now a slew of breweries dedicated to manufacturing non-alcoholic craft brews exclusively for the beer connoisseur who wants or needs to give up alcohol but still needs it. There is more out there than just your alcoholic grandfather’s O’Doul’s, kids. These companies are creating IPAs, Stouts, and Golden Ales, all intended to give beer drinkers a healthier option to alcohol." 

Next time you go to the grocery store, check out the non-alcoholic beer section. The variety will shock and the taste might surprise you.

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