I can't believe there is a liquor store in Chicago that has 700 types of Tequila.

I can't remember the name, too many Tequila shots, but there used to be a restaurant on Broadway where Mexico Classico is now. They were known for how many styles of Tequila they offered. There would be monthly tastings. The owner would even come on my show to share some samples. I was a huge fan.

Tequila is one of those drinks you either love or hate. Most of the time, any hostility towards the beverage comes from a bad experience. What I learned quickly, if you have the good stuff, it's a much better time.

Having a choice is a big deal when it comes to Tequila.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"Find 700 kinds of tequila at Moreno's Liquors." 

This drinkers paradise is located at 3734 West 26th Street in Chicago.

The family-owned establishment learned early on they couldn't compete with the large chains, so they decided to specialize in hard to find brands.

They have one of the largest selections of Tequila in the United States with over 700 different kinds available.

Educational seminars on the popular drink are also available.

For more info, check out HERE.

It could definitely be worth a road trip.

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