Some Clinton High School students used bad taste when choosing their senior prank.

There has been a lot of creative senior pranks pulled around the area this spring.

The best part was they were funny but didn't hurt anybody or anything.

A good example is what East High School did with the Lime Bikes.

If you don't remember, here's the story.

In Wisconsin, Clinton High School didn't use their best judgment when putting together their prank.

According to,

"Three suspects allegedly placed an over-the-counter supplement into a batch of brownies. Five students ate the brownies, unaware of the substance in them. Two students became sick and had to seek medical attention."

The students had purchased an over-the-counter dietary supplement called Zyrexin at Walmart. They put the substance into brownies and gave it to a few underclassmen.

If you look up the medication on it's described as a "sexual enhancer."

The Rock County District Attorney is reviewing the case.

Here's some advice for future seniors planning a prank. Don't put anything in food and give it to people. That's just bad news.


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