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Swinging by Crimson Ridge for flowers or calling Broadway Florist to send some roses to your Valentine? First off you do NOT need a reason or holiday to do that, but if you are let's explain the colors of roses before you do.

Valentine's Day is on February 14th (duh), which lands on a Sunday this year, oh no! SO consider this a heads up, a warning for those that wait until the last moment. Might I suggest if you are going to send something, go with Friday and not Monday...o.k. so back to the rose color thing. Let's take a look at the different colors and what the meaning is. Sending them is a great gesture, but sending a color that means something you do not want to say...could be awkward.

From FiftyFlowers here are Six Different Rose Colors and Their Meaning:

  • White - White roses symbolize a new relationship, a new love...a new beginning. Maybe a great "first" Valentine's Day.
  • Yellow - Yellow roses represent good luck, welcome back or remember me.
  • Peach - This guy has a double meaning. This could be a "good luck" as in someone starting a new adventure, or even like a thank you. Mixed in some peach would be cool, but a bouquet of peach for Valentine's Day? Nah.
  • Orange - Orange means that you are "proud" of something or someone.
  • Pink - Gratitude, appreciation, happiness...We're getting warmer. 
  • Red - This is the classic, the standard, the "I love you."


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